7 Big Ideas Transforming L&D

7 Big Ideas Transforming L&D

Improving workforce productivity through effective learning

When your talent is spread across a hundred countries, how do you give them a platform to train, brainstorm, and learn together? How do you respond to the learning needs of a diverse, distributed workforce that need to develop into your organisation’s future leaders? How does one develop innovative leaders capable of a high level of critical thinking? What are the newest ideas in pedagogy?

Here are some ideas and trends which are rapidly transforming L&D.


Dr Wing Lam

Vice Chancellor at GlobalNxt University, Dr Lam held senior consulting roles at Accenture and Logica assisting major clients with business solutions based on large scale technology systems and has published over 80 articles.


Dr Jason Fitzsimmons

Dean of the business school at GlobalNxt University, Dr Fitzsimmons is a serial entrepreneur with significant industry experience.


Dr Mark Esposito

Professor of Corporate Strategy at GlobalNxt University, Dr Esposito also teaches Systems Thinking and Complexity Management at Harvard University. He is the founding director of the Lab-Center for Competitiveness, a think tank at Harvard Business School.


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