GNXT - Vice Chancellor



Note from Dr Wing Lam, VC GlobalNxt University:

Welcome! Universities have not changed that much in the last 100 years. In most cases, students and professors come to the campus, and it is on campus where most academic activities takes place.

A rapidly-changing world. The challenge, however, is that the world is evolving much faster than that reflected by the campus model of education – for example, the global business environment, the knowledge economy, virtual organisations, cross-cultural collaboration, connectivity and rapid developments in technology. All these are having a profound impact on business and society.


A pioneering university and spirit. The University is one of the first to embrace a new educational model – a global academic enterprise that brings together the best professors and most determined students wherever they may be in the world.


A distinct academic heritage. Our academic heritage, however, is one firmly rooted in traditional academic values. We were founded by leading universities in the prestigious Universitas 21 network to establish a new benchmark in high-quality online education. After 10 years of operating as a business school, we developed into a full-fledged university.


A global education model. Our Global Classroom Pedagogy provides all the traditional benefits of professor-led, interactive learning but in a modern and flexible technology-enabled format. Learners not only have the flexibility of learning anytime, anywhere but also the ability to complete their studies at their own pace. Our global faculty are doctoral-degree qualified thought-leaders in their respective fields of expertise.


Graduate quality.  This reflects the kind of graduates we wish to attract - entrepreneurial individuals who have a global perspective and stand out precisely because they don’t necessarily follow the pack – they understand the knowledge economy and how to navigate it, just like our professors.


To sum it up, we are a university designed for the modern era, not a university trying to catch up with the modern era. I welcome you to explore further, and if the University feels right for you, to join us – it might turn out to be one of the best decisions you make.




Dr Wing Lam

Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive